Tuesday Farmers market offers:

Variety: The Downtown State College Tuesday Farmer's Market offers a dizzying array of “home-grown/home-made” local fruits, vegetables, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, dairy     products, wines, flowers, baked goods, prepared foods, sauces, organic soaps, moisturizers, shampoos and more! You just won't be able to find such unique, high-quality diversity in your local supermarket.

Farm Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Our farm-fresh produce is picked at perfect ripeness when the plants' natural  sugars are at their peak. Eating produce when it is ripe tastes better and provides the best nutrition possible.

Clean, Humane and Chemical Free: Our farmers use few, if any, pesticides or antibiotics to grow their plants and animals.  Animals are raised humanely with plenty of room to roam. Better for every-BODY, including yours!

Quality & Integrity:  We are a “PRODUCER-ONLY Market”. The people selling here grow it or make it themselves. Imagine! If you have a question about the food or how it was grown . . . just ask!

Supports the local economy: Our vendors’ enterprises are all within a few miles of State College - both a source of local jobs and using money that recycles your dollars back into your local economy.

Supports local family farms! Purchasing from producer-only farmers’ market supports our local family farms, giving them the valuable capital to keep operating and providing you an alternative to mass-produced foods.

Community: Coming to the farmer’s market is FUN!  Meet friends old and new in a relaxed open environment with lots of good eatin’ going on!    

 Find out how fresh our produce is. Find out how much better our meat tastes.  Appreciate the additional nutrition in our large “Orange” egg yolks. Start shopping at our market each and every Tuesday. To see what is in season click here